Lioness of Judah

Lioness of Judah
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Americans Numbered for Execution

This dream was given to me on April 14, 2014.

I knew what was going to happen, as if I had previously had a vision about it. Everyone was to be evaluated and given a number, 1 to 9. If you had a lot of money (like hundreds of millions of dollars), or if you had a job they wanted (like some particular kind of doctor), then you were 8 or 9. Homeless were 1, with everyone else in between.

I saw people being called in from their homes or work for the numbering interviews. People came as commanded by the armed soldiers (we were under martial law), and stood in single file awaiting their turn. The interviewers sat at long, folding tables while the people slowly walked by them. At the first table, people were given a questionnaire that asked things like name, address, and family members. At the second table, the interviewers asked a very few, pointed questions, and then assigned a number to each person based on their answers. The whole thing made me think of the Jews being similarly interrogated upon arriving at one of Hitler’s “work camps,” except that in this vision we were clothed and not naked. The attitude of the interviewers though was pretty similar to what I imagine the Jews went through.

An almost kindly person at the end of the table gave each person their number. He thanked them for their cooperation, and told them to proceed through the door; that they could go back home or to work now. But as soon as they stepped through the door, their number was checked by another person. If the number was 8 or 9, they really were allowed to go. But everyone numbered 1 through 7 was instead immediately loaded onto a desert-sand colored, military panel truck* under guard. It looked just like the one shown above (but without the red crescent insignia). The people were fed some lie about where they were going, for how long, and why. The people, by now long used to having their lives run by the military, believed the lie and complied.

As soon as the truck was full, it was driven away, the people inside were summarily executed and their bodies off-loaded. The truck then returned for cleaning and another load. I don’t know where the people were taken for execution, or even how they were murdered. The Lord only let me see their faces. They were all totally surprised when it happened.

In my dream, I wanted to warn people while the numbering was just beginning, but there was a problem. I knew that if you were caught warning others, you were executed immediately, right on the spot, regardless of your number. And “Big Brother” spy cameras were everywhere. All those traffic cameras, traffic-light-violation cameras, business and residential security cameras were controlled by the government and used to spy on people. The government even used the cameras and microphones in our homes to spy on us, like those on computers, new TVs, and thermostats.

Facing a small group of my friends, I started to warn them; “We are all going to be prioritized and numbered,” but then I remembered the fate of anyone caught warning others, so I stopped speaking. I spotted someone watching us intently, so I started to move the group outside where we could talk. Before we got outside, a doctor in our group was taken away because she was needed. The rest of us wandered around outside, as I was looking for a camera-free zone, to where we saw one of the death trucks being washed, by someone who had no idea what they were washing. Still anxious to warn my group, I woke to the alarm clock.

I believe this dream is prophetic, not metaphoric, given as a warning to those who will pay attention. My recommendation is that you grow as close as you can to the Lord:  Spend as much time as you can studying the Bible, reading it aloud. (Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. --Romans 10:17) Spend as much time as you can in praise and thanks to the Lord. (He works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. --Romans 8:28) Spend as much time as you can in prayer. (Pray always in the Spirit for all the saints. --Ephesians 6:18, paraphrased) And spend as much time as you can in quiet submission before the Lord, listening and watching for His voice. If He should warn you to move, do not hesitate, as the window of opportunity may be very short before martial law is instigated and you will lose that option. – And if He does not warn you to move, stay where you are! He may have plans to use you, right where you are.

* The trucks in my vision looked like those in the convoy on this video, except that they bore no insignia in my dream and were slightly longer:
Important caveat: the person narrating this clip claims that the red crescent identifies the vehicles as Iraqi, but a search for "red crescent" identifies it as an emblem for a humanitarian aid society, like our Red Cross.


  1. Wow.....sobering post, with great suggestions included at end.
    I believe you are a "power-house" in the Spirit, just as I believe James Bailey, Linda Clay, and Bette Stevens to be, also. I thank my God upon every remembrance of you four Servants of the Most High God. God BLESS!

    From, Peggy

    1. Oh, Peggy, thank you; God does indeed bless me abundantly Every day. I pray the same for you, Beloved of God.

      It's funny; I agree with you about the other three, definitely. But me? Power-house? I keep having to apologize to God for not doing what I should and doing what I should not, as I thank Him for forgiving me yet again, and for His patience with me. But then, when I am weak, He is strong in me. - And that's pretty much all the time!

      Love & blessings,


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