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Saturday, August 8, 2015

​Nicole Moore: The Ax Is at the Tree

August 7, 2015 

[On August 3, 2015, Nicole Moore submitted the following dream to, where I assume it will shortly appear. I was called upon to see whether the Lord might provide additional insight. I also slightly edited Nicole's dream and her own interpretation.]
Two weeks ago, I was weeping to the Lord for all the sins in the Church. The Church not walking in the calling they were told to do. No longer being a light to the world. Not taking a stand on homosexuality or protecting the unborn. I was asking Him what he wants me to do and what will happen, as I felt house churches will be started soon.
I then had a dream that a tree was being partially chopped down in a house. I did not see the tree but I knew it was inside the house. The large branches were being chopped down. My husband and I went into the house. We were to collect the branches and place them in a large wire basket. The wire basket was quite large and could not be carried by just one person. As the logs were being placed in the basket, they all fit neatly in the space and were compact.
My thoughts while the logs were being placed in the basket were that I would not have placed them in there like that. I would have just thrown them in, as they would only have to be stacked up neatly again on the log stack outside.
We then held either end of the basket, front to back, and began to take the logs from inside the house down the steps. These stairs were inside the house. When we were outside, I looked up and saw a window in an upstairs room. I then asked my husband, “What are we supposed to do with the logs?” His response was, “We are to leave them outside ‘til the Owner comes.”
The scene changed and I was in another house. The house was full, full of people. We were having worship. There was a pastor who was praying and prophesying over the people. I did not see his head; only from the neck down was he visible. I believe I know who this is though. When he came to me he said, “The Lord said to lift your hands.” When I lifted my hands he said, “The Lord is anointing your hands to heal for miracles, signs and wonders.” The atmosphere in the room changed, so you could feel the presence of the Lord so strong, so very tangible. Then we saw people who were sick. Healing broke out. When you looked at the people, before you laid hands on them, you knew they were going to be healed.
Nicole’s Interpretation:

I believe the time is approaching when pastors and leadership in the churches will be taken down. They are going to be held accountable for their actions and not bearing fruit, fruit that is productive. They will be judged by the Lord; this is why the basket was placed outside and to be left there till the Owner (Jesus) comes. Matthew 7:15-20 reads:

“You must consistently beware of the false prophets, who are coming to you in sheep’s clothing, but within they are ravenous wolves. You will recognize people by their fruit. Does anyone gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? In this way every good tree produces good fruit, but the rotten tree produces evil fruit. A good tree is not able to produce evil fruit, nor a rotten tree to produce good fruit. Every tree not producing good fruit is cut down and thrown into a fire. Consequently you will indeed know them on account of their fruit.” (ONMB*)

Those who have remained faithful and have sought the Face of the Lord and not His Hand (who have consistently sought Him rather than His miracles and works) will be the faithful ones that see the greater works. John 14:12 says we will do greater works than Jesus did when He walked the earth. We will see the Holy Spirit working through us in such amazing ways. This will not happen in traditional church buildings. It will be within home churches.

Additional Interpretation and Teaching through Debra Walker

I agree with Nicole’s interpretation, but there is so much more within the dream:
God usually uses significant trees in a dream to represent leadership. This tree represents present and future leadership in the Church. The tree was not cut down at the root, which is Christ, because this is not about the end of the Church. Only the large branches were cut down because they represent the current church pastors who have led their congregations astray.
The smaller branches, which far outnumber the larger ones, are left on the tree because they represent the future Church pastors – some of whom are leading currently and will make the transition or be promoted to fill the gap. There will be innumerable home churches, requiring innumerable leaders. Some of the leaders will travel from one home to another, and others will pastor at only one home.
These Church “homes,” by the way, will not all be in houses or apartments. Some will meet in the wilderness, in offices, in deserted buildings – any number of places. Not all of these leaders will have attended seminary or be credentialed as pastors. But they will be chosen and led by the Lord in their teaching. The house represents the Church in America initially, but later it also represents the many houses where the Church will spring up around these Godly leaders as pastors.
You and your husband had the job of collecting and removing the logs because you both hear and obey the Lord; God is declaring that this is of Him and will happen at His direction. God is a God of order. The logs lay neatly and compactly in the basket to reinforce that this is of His design. Ergo, we are not to pray against this happening. We may always pray for His mercy, not to destroy the righteous with the wicked, as Abraham pleaded for Lot in Sodom (Genesis 18:23).
Your thoughts while loading the basket point out God’s perfect Love, so unlike our own at times. Adam gave control of this earth to satan, but God still sets direction and limits beyond which satan cannot go. In His Love, God will protect the Godly pastors. The wire basket was extremely large, indicating that this will be a widespread event across the entire country. The basket itself, a container through which wind easily flows and being made of exceedingly strong wire rather than flimsy reeds or other materials, represents the Holy Spirit, Who will have all this contained just as it should be according to the Father’s plan.

Carrying the logs down steps indicates that this removal of leadership will not be accomplished in a single day, but is a process that is going through several steps or stages. The stairs are inside the house because these stages are within the Church. God has been shifting leaders and pastors for years and especially in recent times, moving them from one location or position to another, getting some of the leaders prepared and all of them positioned where they need to be for what He will accomplish through this change. The process is now nearer its completion than its beginning.

The window you saw in the upper room opens onto the tree, which also was upstairs. The window demonstrates the ability of God’s Light to reach the tree of future pastors, promoting growth and passing through the walls of darkness that will surround them.

The second house of course represents the home churches (collectively, the underground Church) that will spring up in response to this cleansing of leadership. You represent the many who will be anointed or activated in the gifts of the Holy Spirit according to His wishes. (See 1 Corinthians 12:1-11.) But this is also God telling you, Nicole, that He has given you the gifts of supernatural faith and healing for miracles. Supernatural faith is that inner knowing that God is going to do something supernatural before it happens. It doesn’t rest on your abilities, but on Him. (The people knew that the sick would be healed.) The plural “you” that you used in this sentence is because this faith will be widespread.

Healing for miracles is another way to say healing and restoration. When Jesus healed the nine of leprosy, the disease left all nine. But one came back to thank Jesus, and he was the only one whom Jesus restored; for him, Jesus performed the additional, creative miracle of restoring his missing body parts (typically fingertips or whole digits, nose, ears, etc.) that had been eaten away by the disease. (See Luke 17:12-19.) And saying that this gift of healing for miracles that He has given you (He placed it within you in your mother’s womb) is for signs and wonders is promising you that many will come to believe in the Lord through seeing the miracles that He will give you to perform. (See John 2:23, 4:48, and many others.) The Lord revealed to me that you are also destined to be a true apostle, Nicole. (See 2 Corinthians 12:12.)

*ONMB = One New Man Bible: Revealing Jewish Roots and Power is a fresh edit of the Hebrew Scriptures and a new translation of the Greek. It was written by William J. Morford, who studied Hebrew under Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, grandson of the Eliezer Ben-Yehuda whose lifetime work brought the Hebrew language alive as the national language of Israel.

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