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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nicole Moore: Death Coming to American Churches

July 28 - August 18, 2015

[Nicole Moore originally submitted this to, and allowed me to edit and repost it here, together with the complete interpretation I received from the Lord. Due to a communications snafu, it was published incompletely on z3News under the title, Islamic Plot to Murder America’s Christian Children Revealed. Other, supportive posts on z3News include Avi Lipkin: “All Churches Are Infiltrated with Muslim Spies” and Islam Poses a New Threat to America’s Children, both by James Bailey. Parts of this post were originally published as comments on z3News, and the last section appeared there as Islamic Attack on Church Kids, Revisited. This entire post has been edited again in making it cohesive, as was my original intention, removing accidental errors, and adding last-minute revelations from the Holy Spirit. All these have been incorporated here. My apologies for the vagaries in formatting. I am still trying to figure this out in Blogspot!]

Nicole's Submission - Dreams, Revelations, and Prophecy

(I fast and pray a lot to hear from the Lord. I am not saying this to brag but so you can understand that daily I desperately seek the Lord to hear from Him. To begin, I am sharing something with you that happened in October, 2014, after coming off a week of prayer and fasting. This has been documented in a church that I attend. The Holy Spirit told me to go to this specific church. This has been shared with the leadership, who made the appropriate changes.

First Revelation

On Sunday, 12th October 2014, I was about to put the boys in children's church. Please note that particular Sunday the routine of the church had changed. The children had to go into the main sanctuary for 30 minutes prior to being released for children’s church. The boys asked if they could hand the slip to the person at the entrance. I responded, "Yes," and when the boys handed the slip over, as the person touched the slip, I heard the audible voice of the Holy Spirit say, "They are going to kill the children." My heart dropped. Such grief welled up in my stomach.

For three days I sought the Lord on this to find what He wanted me to do. My heart was so so heavy regarding this. I contacted some friends and asked them to pray for me, as the Holy Spirit spoke something to me. I did not reveal to them what it was.

October 15, 2014, Dream

Early Wednesday morning, the 15th October, I received a dream:  I was sitting in church. The Pastor came and sat next to me as he knew I wanted to speak with him. I told him the dream. I did not see myself telling him the dream, but when he stood up I knew I had told him. He then walked away. The thing that I noticed in the dream was that all the pews were facing backwards.

At the time I did not know whether this was directly linked to a specific church or whether this was for various churches throughout the USA. What I did know is that it would happen soon. I then spoke with the Co-Pastor who informed me he would share the dream with the Pastor and would pray for clarity.

October 16, 2014, Dream

On Thursday, the 16th October, I had another dream, which began:  I was in a church foyer, and there were a lot of people. All of a sudden a man's face appeared in front of me. I saw his face clearly. He had short, black, wavy hair and was clean shaven. When I looked at him there was no life on his face, and he had no expression. 

His face then disappeared. I began to ask everyone in the foyer, "Did you see that man?" 

All of the people's response was, "No - what man? - we didn't see anyone." 

I then said, "How could you not see him? He was just here."

The scene changed and I was outside the front of the church. I saw the man. He was in front of me, and he then began to walk down the road. I started to shout, "Excuse me!," to get him to stop. The man was wearing grey trousers, a grey shirt, and a black belt. His shirt was not a dress shirt; it was like a tennis shirt, with short sleeves and a collar, and buttons at the top. His skin was olive - not like someone who has been on holiday, but a little darker. He was carrying a black case. So I went after him, shouting "excuse me!," to try and get him to stop. The dream ended.

When I woke up from the dream, my first thought was, he looks like a businessman. I do not know why I thought that, but that is what came to my mind.


Additional Revelations

Three weeks passed by and I was fasting and praying again as this kept getting heavier. I sent this message [slightly edited here] to the Co-Pastor:

"I have been in intense prayer and fasting since I last contacted you, regarding what the Holy Spirit had spoken to me. The Holy Spirit keeps bringing this back to me.

"What I am certain of is that it is [name of church] that the enemy has something planned for. 

"In the spirit I know that there is a young man in his teens. He attends [name of church]. I believe he has either recently been saved or claims that he is saved. He is a Muslim man. He is very familiar with the routine in children’s church where this event will happen, but his intentions are not pure; they are evil. He has some connection to a planned event that will be done at [name of church].  He does not work at the church, but I believe he volunteers.

"I keep seeing glimpses while in prayer. The original man in the dream I had seen carrying the case where his face appears in front of me - he gives something to this young teen in the foyer at the Church.

"The more I pray, the heavier this gets. Please check, then check again your volunteers who are working in children’s church."

The appropriate changes have now been made at this church. 

2015 Revelations & Prophecy through Nicole

The reason I am sharing this with you, is that Holy Spirit keeps bringing this back to me again. But this time it is not linked to this specific church:  It is for the USA churches.

In February of this year, 2015, I was running late for Wednesday evening prayer service at 7pm. It was still dark in the evening. As I stepped into the church foyer, Holy Spirit spoke into my spirit and said, “Someone could come in here and kill everyone.” I immediately stopped still in the foyer and looked around. It was dimly lit and no one was around. There was no security, no attendant, no one in the foyer to the main entrance. The doors were open and unattended. I then proceeded to push the sanctuary doors open and there were about 25 people all standing in worship. Bear in mind this is not a small church; it seats around 1000 people.

Something is about to happen in the churches of America. An attack is coming on a large scale. The Church has become complacent, and the enemy is in the camp

I am praying that you do not take this lightly.

Interpretation, Extended Prophecy, and Teaching through Debra Walker

As Nicole noted, this series of dreams and impressions relates to multiple events. The first one has been thwarted. The rest remain in the near future.

October 15th Dream

God talks to us in our dreams, although not necessarily all of them. Sometimes for prophecy, sometimes to call us to pray, and sometimes to teach or instruct us. In the dream, Nicole told the pastor about the dream - that scene was God instructing her through the dream, telling her to do so. 

All the pews were facing backwards, representing how the people of America have turned their backs on God. They have kicked Him and His Holy Bible out of their schools, out of their courtrooms, out of their businesses and daily lives, and now even out of many of their churches.

This confirms a prophetic event given several months ago, when the National Cathedral was used for Islamic prayer on one particular occasion. Every cross of Christ that couldn't be removed was covered in fabric so the attending Muslims would not have to look upon them. But prophetically, each fabric covering represented a burial shroud, for we as a nation have buried Jesus from our conscience. All the pews were moved, shoved aside, to clear the floor for the Muslim prayer rugs. And the way the pews were rearranged, they all faced backwards to the altar.  

Thank God for brave souls like Christine Weick, who “smuggled” herself in, defied the Muslims, and stood in defense of Christ. You can see the half-minute video of her speaking out at Her voice may have lessened the impact of this prophetic event. Do not doubt the power of even one brave, righteous voice speaking up for Christ, Christians, or Messianic Jews! (The word “Christ” is the Greek for Hebrew's “Meshiach,” or in English, “Messiah.” It means God's holy and appointed One.) If ever it is up to you, the reader, speak up!

The prophecy contained within the event - because it was held at the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Washington DC, known as the National Cathedral - was that it would be repeated in churches across America, not for one occasion, but intended for permanence. Church buildings and lands will be taken from Christians and given to Muslims. Just as the pews were shoved aside, the congregations of these churches will be shoved aside. The sanctity of Christian worship will be replaced by the abomination of worshiping Allah.

Woe to the churches that are buried in debt; most of them will lose their buildings and lands in the economic collapse. Debt that lasts beyond the Sabbath year, the year of Sh’mitah (seven years at most), is outside the will of God and never should have been entered into. (See Deuteronomy 15:1-11, including the blessings for following this particular command.  Command-related blessings such as these are reversed into curses when the command is not kept. For an example, see Leviticus 26:3-13 for the blessings of obedience, and 26:14-43 for the curses of disobedience.) We are in the year of Sh’mitah now; it ends at sundown on September 14, 2015. And this is the year when God’s patience ends. He will enforce His commands this year.

October 16th dream

Nicole clearly saw the man's face because the Lord wanted her to understand there was a specific person involved in the first part of the prophecy, the part for last November, which was averted. 

He had no life or expression on his face because he also represents those who are brainwashed, hypnotized, and will act as automatons. (Remember the underwear bomber? People reported him looking expressionless, as if he was under powerful hypnosis, even as his underwear caught fire and gave him third-degree burns.) This is demonic mind control. All who have not been transformed by the renewing of their mind (Romans 12:2) will be susceptible to it. Renew your mind by reading God's word, the Bible, aloud and meditating on it; Jesus...cleansed her by the washing of water with the word... (Ephesians 5:26; see 5:25-27). "Water" in this verse represents the Holy Spirit.

The man’s face appeared and then disappeared because God knew his efforts would come to no effect last autumn. Nobody could see him because he would blend in and be unnoticed in the crowd. (Both that man at her church last November, and the multitude he represents prophetically at other churches going forward.) When Nicole saw the man outside, he walked down the road because those who perform his function will largely get away with it. 

He was wearing grey with a black belt because he also represents the evil spirits directing this atrocity in the near future. They will inhabit the poor souls used to carry it out. (In dreams, angels or spirits generally do not have visible or discernible faces. He was walking away from Nicole, so she could not see his face. Good ones usually wear white or sometimes bright colors. Evil ones wear grey or black. God wants you to know who's who; He doesn't make this complicated.) 

God let her see the details of his attire, business casual, and even gave her the businessman thought because He wanted to emphasize that these people will not stand out in the crowd. They will look respectable, not like hoodlums. The detail she noticed of the shade of his skin color indicates that most of these people will have recently come into the country. 

The black case, in addition to lending itself to the businessman impression, holds the weapon(s) of death, as Nicole saw in the glimpses given to her in prayer over the following three weeks. She could not see precisely what he handed to the teen because different types of weapons will be used at different churches. Your efforts to get him to stop were unsuccessful because they will not be easily stopped.

All of these Details Add Up to the Following Picture

People (represented by the teen) who have been in this country a while and have established trust within each target church will be used to actually carry out the attack. They do not currently have the weapons that will be used, so if for any reason they are searched they will appear innocent. 

They have been brainwashed from a young age, and are totally committed to “holy” jihad. In truth, jihad could not be more unholy. They are only waiting for the right time, hiding out now like spies who are called “moles.” They do not care if they die in the process, and some even hope that they will die. Most of them will be teenagers or preteens.

Others (represented by the olive-skinned “businessman”) will arrive in the country shortly before the attack, and they will deliver the smuggled weapons to the trusted ones just in time. 

It is logical to assume that in some cases there will be one pair of jihadists for each church attacked. In large and mega churches, there may be multiple moles and even multiple deliverymen. And in larger communities, one deliveryman may deliver weapons to multiple churches’ moles. Likewise, at one church they may go after only one group - the children, the nursery, the Bible study, etc. At another church they may go after the main sanctuary, as was revealed to Nicole this February. And of course they might go after any combination elsewhere.

Even the weapons used may vary widely:  any type of gun, bomb, gas, swords or knives, or things like fire and possibly even biological-warfare agents. Think outside the box. It would be foolish to assume a cookie-cutter experience and prepare for only one eventuality.

When this Will Happen

When I asked the Lord for a specific date, none was given. 

Yet, I am sure in my spirit it will be sooner rather than later this year, 2015. September 11th is an obvious possibility; terrorists seem to love celebrating anniversaries with new attacks. Another likely possibility is the day of Sh’mitah, which technically means between sundown Sunday, September 13, to sundown Monday, September 14, 2015. Possible, but how many churches are open Sunday evenings? But because we use the Gregorian calendar rather than the Hebrew calendar, maybe all day and night Sunday and Monday are viable. 

Then there’s also the prophecy given elsewhere [sorry; I don't remember the specifics] that God has given us until this fall to repent or face the rest of His judgments. Logical specific dates for that deadline I believe would include Sh’mitah ending sundown 9/14 and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) ending sundown 9/24. 

I think the attack will not happen before the earliest of all these dates, September 11. 

What We Can Do about It

It is obvious to (1) ask the Holy Spirit what you should do and do that!, (2) warn your church leadership unless He tells you not to (which He might do, for example, if they are the moles), and (3) take common-sense precautions that do not contradict whatever the Spirit tells you to do. Screen and re-screen staff and volunteers, removing those who are suspect or, better, as directed by the Spirit; etc.

But we must also remember Ephesians 6:12, that “our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20) – which means to use the armor of God:  walk in truth (neither deceiving nor being deceived), be righteous, be ready to share the gospel, have faith, know your salvation, speak & use the word of God, and pray. Every day.

Memorize and claim the promises of Scripture. Psalms 91 and verses like No weapon formed against [me] shall prosper, and every tongue that accuses [me] in judgment [I] will condemn (Isaiah 54:17a) are particularly good now, but there are thousands more. Pray these back to God. Look at it this way:  Visualize a prayer as a beam of light that cuts through the darkness (forces of evil). A prayer that prays God’s own Word back to Him is a high-beam light. And when many righteous people are gathered, each praying God’s Word, focused and in agreement with each other – that cuts like a laser beam!

While praying, quoting, and claiming Scripture is great if you are righteous before God, it may not help you if you are not in right standing with Him. Do not be one of whom the Lord says, “I never knew you.” (Read Matthew 7:21-23.) So really the Number One thing to do is fix that: Repent – that means (1) apologize to God for what you’ve done wrong in thought, word, action, or failure to act; and (2) turn from it, meaning don’t do it any more. Turn your whole heart to God. Forgive completely everyone who has hurt or offended you. Apologize to those you have wronged, and make restitution to them. Live the way God wants you to live, and pursue a relationship with Jesus. Give the rest of your life to Him. 

Evil is rising while the American church is sleeping. If God did nothing, the evil would grow enough to consume and kill all mankind. (As it was in the days of Noah... [Luke 17:26.]) So God sounded the alarm through His watchmen and prophets. God wants us to wake up, repent, and turn back to Him at the sound of the alarm, so He can save us. But if we don’t wake up and return to God at the sound of the alarm, we will wake up at the shaking, sooner or later. 

Since we didn’t wake up at the first shaking (9-11-2001), God in His love and mercy sent another alarm, followed by another shaking (2008). And since we didn’t wake up even then, God’s love and mercy and grace will lead Him to send yet one more alarm, and one more shaking (the late summer and early autumn of 2015). 

But if we haven’t awakened, repented, and returned to God by then, God’s justice will demand His righteous judgment. 

Thank God that He never does a thing without first telling His prophets (Amos 3:7). The prophets and the watchmen are sounding the alarms! Are you listening? Are you awake? Are you repenting? Have you returned to God 100%? (Even 98% holy is just lukewarm in Jesus' eyes. [See The Fire of His Holiness, 2nd Edition, by Pastor Sergio Scataglini.]) Are you sounding the alarm for others?

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! (Job 1:21b)

Extended Prophecy

  1. The attack is not planned to be just against Christian churches, so others should not be complacent. The Islamic goal is to wipe out all other religions, with Jews and Christians being at the top of a very long list. If the people aren’t Muslim, then in their eyes they are infidel dogs and worthy to be killed or enslaved unless they convert. Every place of worship that is not a Muslim mosque should consider that it may be targeted.

  2. The attack is not planned to be just a single day and then stopped. But that first day they hope will be on a scale the world has not seen before. They want this to be written in the annals of infamy, even though that isn’t how they think of it.

  3. Even so, that coordinated attack on our churches, synagogues, wards, temples, and kingdom halls is just the “tip of the iceberg.” Jihadist Muslims have infiltrated more than our churches. Read between the lines. The internet is full of prophecies, curses, and warnings of how this particular jihad, jihad in America, will unfold. Many of them are correct.

  4. The Holy Spirit didn’t want me to restate those here. There is enough information released already to warn the people out of their slumber if they are listening. To go over and over it again and again, piling on more and more detail, is essentially to do satan’s “vision casting” for him, spreading fear. And the Spirit is not a spirit of fear!

So let’s instead do our vision casting for the Lord:

  1. Satan is a defeated foe. He just doesn’t believe it yet.

  2. We should expect to fight, one way or another (or multiple ways) – physical and/or spiritual – but know that the outcome is already determined.

  3. Know that the fight, to the righteous, is for their training, for their strengthening, for their refining in the Lord.

  4. Know that our God will fight for the righteous, His saints, which He has predestined to wait a little longer.

  5. Know that His angels are encamped around them to protect them, and will hold them up in the palms of their hands. (Psalm 91.)

  6. Know that many Saints will be carried Home on arms of Love, having completed their assignments on Earth. Likewise thousands [hundreds of thousands] of infants and children will be released from the bondage of this life to find their freedom in Christ.

  7. Know that no matter what evil news we hear, even though Adam turned over control of the Earth to satan, he can still only move in the direction and to the degree that God allows. He cannot exceed the limits God sets. Take joy in this.

  8. Know that as the horrors unfold, as lawlessness and darkness advance, God will pour out His Spirit in wave upon wave of overriding power for the righteous, who have the authority to use it in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua HaMeshiach. [See my earlier post, Wave upon Wave.]

As I ended this list and confirmed that is all to be in it, I smiled to see there are eight items. Eight, written with the symbol for infinity (on its side), is the Biblical number of new beginnings. And four (the first list), is the number of the supernatural.

Let the miracles begin!


  1. "A voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children; and she refused to be comforted, because they were no more." (Matthew 2:18)

  2. Thank for the warning, Debra. Last year (2014), the Lord suddenly led my wife and I to pull my daughter out of school and start homeschooling our kids. I also began feeling a strong aversion to attending church. That probably sounds strange, but the churches around here that I know of are lukewarm and asleep to the times we live in. I just couldn't stand to go, though we have home-based Bible studies and prayer times. Meanwhile, my city is one that the federal government is flooding with Muslim refugees. Perhaps all of this is God's hand protecting us from what's coming.

    1. Mike, you are led by the Spirit so He will protect you; yes, this is part of that. I hope you have asked and followed His leading in preparations - spiritual as well as physical - because if the Lord has not led you to move out, then He has plans to use you where you are. You may be a home church, an ark, or something else. It is not too soon to ask the Lord to reveal what He will of His plans for you.

      There is also something deeper for others: Every Christain family with kids in the public school system needs to homeschool so that their children are not infested with the demonic teaching being foisted on the unsuspecting. Our children are being systematically destroyed.

      Mike, be sure to read Nicole's latest dream in this series, and its interpretation on this site: FINAL WARNING - Jihad against Church Kids, posted earlier this month. I first submitted it to z3News, but formatted differently. Because I did not explain what was revelation vs. interpretation when I sent it to him, James deleted a lot of the post when he published it. He also changed the title to Prophetic Warning of Another School Shooting.

  3. I have appreciated what you have written so much, and hope you will continue to blog. Blessings!


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