Lioness of Judah

Lioness of Judah
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Sunday, July 5, 2015

20 Minutes for Eternity

September 23, 2014

Sometimes when I am running errands or doing something else outdoors, God puts another person in my path. I usually try to take time to at least offer to pray for them. I keep nutrition bars and bottles of water in the car to give them if they are homeless or begging for handouts.

But sometimes this is inconvenient. I am in a hurry, and do not want to take the time to stop or get involved.

Thinking about this on September 23, 2014, God revealed to me that when the person is ready to be convicted by the Holy Spirit, it takes no more than twenty minutes of my time, and frequently much less. 20 minutes. Twenty minutes! How important is 20 minutes to me on any given day? At worst it means that I miss something. Or maybe just that I am late. Or maybe just that I have to work at a faster pace that day to make up the time. Twenty minutes. Not much, really.

But how important might that 20 minutes be to the other person? It might make their day. Perhaps God will give me a word for them that is significant to them, encouraging or enlightening. Or perhaps He will heal them, using His power of the Holy Spirit under the authority of the Name of Jesus Christ through my touch and annointing. Or best of all, maybe this person is ready to be convicted by the Spirit. Ready to give his life to Christ and receive His forgiveness, reconciliation, and eternal life, and all he needs is a few minutes for me to listen, pray, and share the gospel.

20 minutes. Twenty. Not much for me. But perhaps eternity for the other person.

Lord, help me to never be so selfish of my own time and agenda that I would refuse someone the opportunity to learn Your Truth, or receive Your healing, or be comforted, fed, encouraged, or loved. I make my plans, but You guide my steps. May Your Word be ever upon my lips. In Jesus' Name, Amen!


  1. EXCELLENT post! I think I'll take your practical tip about the Water and Nutrition bars in the car. However, everything in the post is fantastic! (with God's help, I'll try to do it also). You're right, 20 minutes is not much in terms of someone's possible eternal salvation, and God DOES command us to SERVE and be about HIS business!
    From, Peggy

  2. That's terrific, Peggy! You will be blessed more than you know.

    One secret about the nutrition bars: Many homeless people have loose teeth or many missing teeth. Be sure to get bars that are soft and easy to chew.


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