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Lioness of Judah
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Death of Baseball

July 20, 2015

I dreamed of seeing a pompous and officious man wearing a very elaborate costume. He was quite self-important, which was only reinforced by the way he was idolized and applauded by the people who thronged around him as he danced and issued imperious orders.

The costume was an ancient, heathen style. It was reminiscent to me of Aztec and Mayan royal, ceremonial garb:  Lots of scarlet red and other brightly colored feathers, and precious metals, but not much visible fabric – the loincloth section, which was elaborately embroidered. The costume included feathered armbands and ankle-bands, and a spectacular headdress that must have extended near 3 feet from his head up and to the sides. It was worn on top of a large, human-type skull, which itself was worn over his head. The man’s face and hair were not visible, being completely covered by the skull.

The Lord made me understand that this man was in Argentina, and was the head of baseball there. I suppose this means he holds a position comparable to our Baseball Commissioner, but I was not given either his name or specific title. Therefore, I don’t know whether this dream applies to the person currently in that position or a future one.

As flamboyant as the costume was, the most riveting aspect of it to me was the skull. As I focused on and pondered over the skull, in my spirit I heard the words, “Death of baseball.” I knew that God was telling me He will very soon bring down every false God, not just baseball, and that this judgment is for the world, not just Argentina or America.


  1. Wow, too commonly, Christians want to say that the "idols" were worshiped by "those Israelites." We/they think that we're too sophisticated for that stuff.
    News Flash: we have TONS of idols! (just not in the "Golden Calf" format)
    From, Peggy

  2. I know. We read the Old Testament and wonder how they could have been so blind. But all the while we don't see the flashing, neon signs we've erected in the spirit marking our own well-worn paths to destruction. Time to pull the logs out of our eyes!

  3. I think that many read quickly over the words "destruction" and "perish" as if maybe "that's not so bad"---- it's just annihilation, and I cease to exist, so what?"

    They really mean an eternal hell of suffering and torment.

    The churches would do well to explain what it really means, and possibly show Bill Wiese's and Mary K. Baxter's videos. Silence is not benefiting the eternal destines of souls!
    From, Peggy

    1. Indeed, Peggy. Even though I believed Hell is real, it didn't truly hold any significance for me until I read the first book by Bill Weise, "23 Minutes in Hell." I am So grateful that our Lord allowed him to experience it, so that more people would believe through his testimony.

      His narrative of what he experienced there was more than just chilling. And although I'd read in the Bible that there is no rest there at least eleventy times, he made me Understand what that means. No sleep, naps, or coffee breaks. A person can't even obtain relief for a few minutes by passing out from the pain. D:

      Bill's second book, "23 Questions about Hell," is also excellent. And because they are both really short, small paperbacks, I think they are good tools to use in reinforcing the gospel message to those people who just aren't quite ready to make the commitment of faith.

      It scares me most how many people don't fear Hell because they think it's going to be Fun there, a place of Partying! Phew! Talk about a LIE from the pit of Hell!...

    2. Yes, I have "23 Questions about Hell" as well as a much bigger paperback by him called "Hell- Separate Truth from Fiction and Get Your Questions Answered" (That one is 352 pages long).

      One more good one by him (although not with the DIRECT impact of the ones mentioned above) is "What Happens When I Die?"- True stories of the afterlife and what they tell us about eternity.

      I think the Bill Wiese Youtube Videos (of varying lengths) are also beneficial.
      From, Peggy

    3. Thanks for sharing, Peggy. I'd not heard of either of those books. I have no doubt that they are quite helpful. Ditto the videos, especially for people who watch & listen easier than they read.

  4. Peggy, God designed four primary personality types for people, and every person's personality can be described within these four. Most people are solidly in one type, but some people have a strong blend of two (rarely more), although one is always dominant.

    The Driver personality cares most about the bottom line, and not so much about detail. "What?" is his favorite question. When asked whether he'd like to go to a movie, his answer is quite likely to be just a curt yes, or no; no waffling here. He's not being rude; he's just not wasting time. Most company heads and most first-born children are drivers.

    The Analytical personality cares most about the details; not terribly comfortable with making decisions (unless ALL his ducks are lined up in a row!), he's quite happy to leave the bottom line to someone else. His favorite question is "How?" Given the chance to go to a movie, he'll have to know what all the choices are first, including times and locations, so he can figure out the nearby dining options too. Most bookkeepers and CPAs are Analytical.

    Then there's the Amiable personality, who cares most about making other people happy. He will do his best to move mountains for you, especially if you answer his favorite question, "Why?" Movie? You'd better have one in mind when you ask, because his answer is almost certainly going to be, sure - what do you want to see? The Amiable person struggles most with making decisions, because whatever they decide, it might not be good for everyone. Amiables love jobs that let them serve people; most first-class restaurant servers are Amiable.

    The fourth type is Expressive. They love to be the center of attention, but other people are important to them too; their favorite question is "Who?" Hold the phone away from your ear a bit when you ask about a movie, because in their excitement (they always wear their emotions on their sleeve), they can be pretty loud. There is often a movie starring someone they just Love and are Dying to go see! Most actors, and definitely most stand-up comics, are Expressive.

    This is all an over-simplification, but I hope you get the idea.

    Peggy, I'm stepping out in faith here; my odds of getting it right without God are only 25%, 1 in 4. But i believe: God made you primarily Amiable (right?), because He crafted you perfectly for a ministry of helps. He has also anointed you for healing. I hope you will consider starting your own blog. You write well; you are good at expressing your thoughts, and you hear God's voice. You are Spirit-filled, and you can reach people that no one else will. Please pray about this.

    By the way, each of the four personality types also sometimes operates in their "back-up mode," which is the direct opposite of their normal. When circumstances shove them into a corner and all the stops are pulled out, an Amiable temporarily becomes a Driver, and can make decisions without a moment's hesitation.

    Love and blessings,

  5. Debra,
    I just stumbled on this "by accident" (not really, though, right?) tonight.
    I'll write back again about the second to last paragraph, but I will say that you're the 4th person to mention the healing anointing. The first person to mention was in 1988.

    Mostly, I am told it is a healing anointing through MUSIC. Music was my major in college. I was a piano major.

    P.S. For "profile selection," I've been selecting anonymous. Should I select "Name/URL" instead? thanks....

    1. Yes, Peggy (and everyone), please select Name/URL rather than Anonymous. You do not have to have a URL, but may furnish it as an option.

      So there is no doubt, Peggy, why you elected to major in music; God placed that passion in you before you were born. I have heard of others who unlock healing through their music; two that come to mind are Ruth Fazal (violin, singing) and Julie True (piano, singing). Their testimonies are pretty amazing. You might look them up. Probably on YouTube, but I discovered them on Sid Roth's TV show, "It's Supernatural!" If you go to, you can search for their names and watch their interviews.

      Can't wait for your next installment re my penultimate (how's that for a 50-cent word?) paragraph. ;)

  6. Oh-- above comment is from Peggy.
    And, I didn't mean that I just stumbled on your site---have been here before---- but meant that I stumbled on your comments above.



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