Lioness of Judah

Lioness of Judah
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Confirmation of Corrie Ten Boom's Warning

April 29, 2015, originally posted as a comment to an article by James Bailey on

This is interesting. I read this post


for the first time on April 27th. When I saw it, I was immediately taken by her photograph. Not because I’ve always wondered what she looked like, although I have. Rather, because for the previous three nights I had dreamed of seeing this picture as part of an article in print, like a news story. The formatting of the article varied, from one dream to another, in how many columns and where the picture was placed. I never read the dream article, and I don’t remember the headline(s). But it was this Exact photograph.

I feel that God wanted to make sure I paid attention when I read this (Bailey’s) article, because Corrie is right. God gave me His confirmation in advance.

Don’t misunderstand. I Wish a pre-trib rapture would happen. – Who in their right mind Wants to go through such difficulties?! – But that just is not the way God plans it. If we are Overcomers, there must be something for us to overcome. And it must be serious or God wouldn’t bother mentioning it.

Reread the letters to the churches in Revelation chapters 2 & 3 from the twin perspectives of which one(s) He could have written specifically to you, and of the problems He mentions occurring in the tribulation. Note that they all end with a promise – to him who overcomes (some translations use the word conquers) I will give… Every letter essentially ends this way, even the letter to the church in Philadelphia, the only church He did not chastise.

Be an overcomer in Christ! It is the only way you can.

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